The Telemann Ensemble


A Sample Programme

of the ensemble:
Margaret Caley
(baroque violin)
Malcolm Tattersall
(recorder & flute)
Daniel Cocks
(recorder & oboe)
Wade Tattersall
(cello & recorder)
Kaye Gersch

Sample Programme

A colourful performance:
The Elizabethan Fair

May 2005

The man behind our name:
Georg Philip Telemann

George Philip Telemann (1681 - 1767)

Quartetto in G for recorder, oboe, violin and basso continuo

Johann Christoph Schultze (c. 1733 - 1813)

Suite in D minor for recorder, violin and continuo

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)

Concerto in G minor for recorder, oboe and continuo

Nicola Matteis (c. 1650 - 1720)

Gavotta con Divisioni & Ground after the Scotch Humour
from ‘Ayrs for the Violin’

Francesco Geminiani (1687 - 1762)

Sonata III ‘The Last Time I Came O’er the Moor’

J. C. Schickhardt (1682 - 1762)

Variations on 'La Folia' Op. 6, No. 6

Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688 - 1758)

Sonata in G for flute, two recorders and continuo

Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809)

Divertissement Op. 100, No 4 in G for flute, violin and cello

Johann Quantz (1697-1773)

Trio Sonata in C for recorder, violin and continuo

George Philip Telemann (1681 - 1767)

Concerto in A minor for recorder, oboe, violin and basso continuo

Updated Aug 11, 2007